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4 April 2013

The little things I learned from the valley – April 2013 edition

Second trip to the valley in 8 months and here’s what I learnt:

Do not look at this with judgmental eyes. These are only observances.

  • Ari

    I’ve been through quite a few blogs about an entrepreneurial view of what’s happening out in the peninsula and bay area, I find your blog one of the most informative posts all while being brief and to the point. Nicely done and thank you.

  • Jeff S.

    Great observations… But where can you get a 2 br in PA for $2500?

    • It’s actually more than that – agree

  • RR

    Pithy writing that captures the vein of the valley.

  • C

    Prices are even worse now in Palo Alto — you’d be hard-pressed to find a studio for much less than $2000. Office space has also become somewhat of a luxury in this area.

  • Tracy Lawrence

    Isn’t the Valley a strange place? I feel like I get a similar outside look being from Los Angeles.

    Great post 🙂

    • Ha, Tracy Tracy! You know it better than anyone else.

  • Welcome to the show that never ends. You don’t need to be in the valley to solve a big idea, in fact sometimes it’s more of a distraction. The valley will find you if you hit one out of the park.

  • Mukund Mohan

    Good observations. The part about failing fast is really unnerving.

  • I just returned to the Bay Area for a couple weeks after having been out of state running pilots for my startup so this really caught my attention. The whole post is great (thanks to Mukund for pointing to it) but “you have to enjoy the journey” is the part that totally hit home for me today. Thanks!!