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5 May 2014

The little things I learned in the valley – May 2014 edition

learnings from SF

My yearly travel to the tech industry’s cradle teaches and helps me more than any other education. This year was no different.
Here are the learnings:

  • Interesting stuff. Thanks!

  • Khuram Malik

    Thanks for writing this Cherian. I really appreciate it. As someone who is unable to visit Silicon Valley as much as I’d love to, I can only get a digest of this from someone like you.

    Thanks again.

  • acmeira

    Interesting. Hope to see it myself soon.

  • guyAtHockeyBiasDotCom

    My wife and I lived in San Francisco and then Sausalito from 1984 – 1994. Your comment about the homeless situation was on my mind even back then. It was getting worse every year 20+ years ago. …So was the traffic coming into the city from all directions… I miss all the great things the area has to offer though!

  • Jacques Brisson

    “San Francisco is as beautiful as ever. The city is managing to retain
    its charm and stay unpolluted (in large parts of the city). Sadly not
    many people living there realize this. It takes an outsider’s
    perspective to appreciate it.”

    San Fran is so beautiful! Been there 3 times… Last time was in 2009. Miss it so much!