Cherian Thomas

21 February 2015

If you are storing important info in Evernote, think twice.

Four days back my OS X Evernote app crashed. Boom. Everything down the drain.


I assumed this was probably due to some shutdown corruption (though I rarely hit those in OS X). It just wouldn’t come back up and showed me some font error



And for the first time in a very very long time I logged into the web console.
You see, I use Evernote as a note app to just backup. I sleep in the comfort that my notes are somewhere safe in the “cloud”.


every web -2

But lo and behold, the web version didn’t show that one note that mattered to me.
If I didn’t tell you already, here’s my life’s story. I have only one Evernote note that matters. Everything is in that note. Like the college hostel room. It has my notes, flight ticket numbers, emails, project plan, reviews links and just about everything. I have some more notes, but they don’t matter in comparison.

Paranoia kicked in. I opened up the IOS app. I didn’t find it there either.


Rushed out a support ticket. No response in a day. Tweeted to the Evernote app. Someone picks it up.

support 1

The support agent runs me through the standard procedure. Restart, check trash, latest web app? etc. A couple of exchanges later, I reluctantly install a new version, fearing a total overwrite.

And there it is, my life-saving “TODO” in the desktop version.

evernote relaunched

But then I wondered. Why wasn’t “TODO” backed up?

email -1

The standard mail exchange happens. Clear web cache, restart browser, etc. Then I resorted to checking the IOS app.


Since you can’t ask the customer to clear the iPhone app cache, I was asked to login and logout.


Exchange goes on and on. The representative asks me for the activity logs.

And then comes then solution!

email -4

and the graceful close of the ticket

email 5

I don’t know what happened to that note or why it wasn’t uploaded, but I doubt I’m going to sit around comfortably believing everything “is safely backed up”.

What if DropBox did this to you?

Can someone build a simple cloud backed up notes app that “works”? I’ll pay you $5 per month.