Cherian Thomas

18 August 2008

Migrating to WordPress

An example of server

You can’t expect me to write blogengine plugins for Disqus, super cache, cl forms, Akismet etc. Its way too much work from my focus area.

Being a lot of guys who understand technology terms like scripting and html I chose to do a source control install rather than those “one click installs”. Primary reason for this is that WordPress comes with a lot of security issues(they being the most popular) and upgrading through svn is a breeze.

Here’s how I did it.

Choose a good hosting provider. Mine’s DreamHost. They will give you ssh access apart from the usual ftp and cpanel stuff.

Create a folder in your root to host your blog (use software like putty to get into your remote hosting machine).

Assuming that your hosting provider has svn installed (which most of them do), run svn co . (last dot included). Then go through the standard installation procedures.

Next time you need to upgrade do a svn up (as always backup everything) and you are done.

Update: This post has some missing sentences at the top.